Thursday, July 8, 2010

Podcasting Examples

The following are just a few examples of how podcasting can be used in the classroom.
  • I teach Science and so for my first example, I looked at one of my classmate's blogs and saw her great example of creating a podcast through Blabberize for math. After I saw how she used it, I decided to use a song that one of my students made this past year (that she adapted from a website) and "Sammy" my dog helped to create the video for me. I plan to also use this podcast next year when I teach the order of the planets and to have my students create podcasts of their own songs.

The other cool thing about the blabberize site is that as of now you can not save the video on your own personal blabberize space but also can download to a video form as I did so that you have a copy in case something is wrong with the website. On the site, you can also browse for podcasts that were already created as well that span a variety of subjects and are allowed to share them as well. Below is another example of a podcast that was found on blabberize about space made by a student. For this one, I embedded the blabber using html.

  • An example of how to use podcasts in Math is from Is All About Math! This is a site that has different lectures using cartoons about Math. Another example of using a podcast for math is a news release which I find to be much more interesting.
  • For Foreign Language classes, ESL classes or for other speech classes, podcasts can be very useful and powerful. Hearing how words are spoken correctly and fluently can only help reinforce what the students are learning. This article shows how adults that are trying to learn English as a second language can greatly benefit from podcasts. It also has two links at the bottom of the page that can be used as resources.
  • For Language Arts podcasts can be used in so many ways. The ways listed in this can also be used in many of the other content areas. This site has a dozen different techniques and ways to use podcasts. My personal favorite was the "conversations from the past." I plan to change it though and use the name to have the students have conversations with past scientists. I think what I am going to do is create an example of a podcast of where I interviewed a scientist and then later have my students create podcast where they are interviewing someone that they would not normally be able to as a skit. The students will then be able to share their podcasts with the class. I plan on using the audacity software that is free and we have on our computers at school to create this.
The following sites have some very good general information and are designed specifically for educators
  • Podcasting: How To - This site has everything you need to know about how to create a podcast. It also has more advanced techniques.

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