Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wiki Wiki WaWa

So after researching a little more about wikis, I think I am going to try to use one at the beginning of the year to have students collaboratively write our science safety lab rules. This will engage the students since they will get to take part in a project that they will be able to see from home as well. I must make sure to have all of the signed permission forms back from the parents before we begin. If a student's parents feel uncomfortable with their child participating, they will complete a poster of safety rules that I had used in previous years. Since thr0ugh AACPS we are required to have password protected accounts, I have taken three screenshots of my page with what the students will be doing.

Science Rules for Before a Lab

Science Rules for While Completing a Lab

Science Rules for After Completing a Lab

One feature I really like about using the wiki is how they can now upload images and videos. I thought about maybe having the students create a story with pictures on a unit that we are studying by creating a wiki. This way it will be a class story and not written by just one person or group.

An example of a wiki that I found very interesting is here. I plan to try to make one similar to it so that I can post documents that students can receive from home if they are abesent. I use as of now for posting homework but it can not hold many files which the wiki could. I also like the idea of sharing outstanding work with others through the use of the wiki.

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